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  2. Canon!

    Photo by : Krizia Cruz ( @cruzkr )

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  3. Kumakanta nga po pala ako!!! Hahahahaha JOKE! #willdelete #tbt #bored


  4. 'Yung lalong bumaba ang tingin mo sa ex mo nung nakita mo ang ipinalit niya sa'yo

  5. Show it and prove it!

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  6. I don’t usually post something like this on instagram but since my bestfriend tagged me so here it goes.


    1. I obviously love to dress up.
    2. I usually stay late at night watching Naruto/Series( TVD, The Originals, OUAT, Teen Wolf, etc)
    3. I love going out with friends.
    4. I love taking photos of someone.
    5. I love to sing! I’m a former band vocalist! LoL
    6. Acting is always been my passion( during HS I’m the Theater Org. President)
    7. I’m a Registered Nurse.
    8. I don’t like Eggplant and Tomatoes!
    9. I super hate Onions!!
    10. I’m Coulrophobic (I hate CLOWNS!)
    11. I’m not a fan of coackroaches and any other insects except Mosquitoes and Flies!
    12. I love Beyoncé :)
    13. Angel Locsin is my Ultimate local celebrity crush!
    14. I’m a WOLF addict!
    15. I love the moon also!
    16. I’m OC sometimes 👌 especially here at IG! :))
    17. I hate jejemons and all their jeje acts!
    18. I’m sensitive about friends/trust issues.
    19. I have 5 tattooes and planning to add more!
    20. I hate people who pretends to be someone they don’t!

    Make your own list and tag 10 of your friends. Include me so I can see yours too.

  7. Shooting Senator Angara! 👌

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